Fiona Foundation

“There is no greater beauty, than the love & care we create for each other.”- Nurse Fiona

Mission statement:

Illnesses bring enough unwanted stress into people's lives. The Nurse Fiona Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to helping people suffering from a disease or illness. Our mission is to provide support and care to patients, care givers, and healthcare workers by alleviating stressors involved in the care of anyone suffering from a medical condition. 10% of all Nurse Fiona Skincare sales will be donated to the foundation.

Fiona Tennant, RN, CANS

Nurse Fiona is a highly respected and nationally Board-Certified Nurse specializing in anti-aging aesthetics. She began her career in Nursing as a Pediatric Emergency Room Nurse. Fiona worked in Pediatric Neurology and as a School Nurse.

Her understanding of what makes a face youthful, proportional, and natural lead her to a career in Aesthetics. Prior to opening Nurse Fiona Med Spa Fiona worked as an Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Nurse.

When asked why she decided to start her foundation, Fiona responded “I came up with this idea while my business was closed for three and a half months due to COVID-19. I’ve always been the type to give, give, give and never want anything in return, and now I can officially share that part of me with people that need it most.”

Meet the Recipients

The Nurse Fiona Foundation named Mary Bucuvalas their first recipient in November 2020. Mary was diagnosed with ALS in July 2020. ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that currently has no cure. Mary’s caretaker, her daughter Zoe was solely responsible for her mother’s care while working as the Marketing Coordinator at Nurse Fiona Med Spa. As Mary’s health declined there were numerous costs associated with health care and equipment that were overwhelming.

To take the burden off Mary and Zoe the Nurse Fiona Foundation donated funds to provide Mary with a stair lift to transport her up and down the stairs in their home. The stair lift aided in getting Mary to her doctor’s appointments with ease. Additionally, she was able to enjoy going out of her home so she could enjoy activities she once loved but could no longer partake in due to restrictions with their stairs. This donation greatly improved Mary’s quality of life during her final months.


Your generosity helps fund our mission to provide support and care to patients, caregivers, and healthcare workers. Together, we can make a difference.

Nurse Fiona Foundation in the Community

Nurse Fiona Foundation helped bring relief to frontline workers whose skin was compromised from wearing N95 masks during the height of the pandemic. Health care workers received complimentary Save My Skin Hydrate & Repair Creme to help heal irritated skin. During the COVID19 shutdown 100% of the Nurse Fiona Skincare proceeds were donated to the Save My Skin initiative

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