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"Nurse Fiona, or Fiona Tennant rules her medspa with confidence. As a former ER nurse, and soon to be nurse practitioner she makes sure, first and foremost, that her patients are safe, but remain beautiful when using any one of her dozens of services.

She reveals that she didn’t always have it all together, but she’s always been a fighter. Her job is 24/7, and she does what it takes to make sure it remains successful.

When she first left the hospital as a full time nurse her loved ones weren’t always supportive. She said her husband, a business owner, already knew the roller coaster ride that comes with being an entrepreneur, and didn’t want that stress for her. But she took the leap, and eventually he came around. Although she admits now she understand what he was talking about.

Nurse Fiona says her success is due to her attention to customer service, and the way she treats her employees like family. "

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